Other Jupiter 2 Props


The Seismic Unit (Seismigraph)



In the above left photo, the seismic unit is first seen in "Blast Off Into Space". In the above right photo, the seismic unit as it is today. This unit weighs in at nearly 150 pounds and its interior components include actual data acquiring mechanics, though according from what we can tell, it wasn't used to measure the intensity of "real" quakes. When we first received this prop, we were astounded to see that the graph paper in the machine was original and had the quake markings on it as it was seen on Lost In Space!!

Freezing Tube Panels



In the above left picture, one sees the freezing tube control panel as Don activates its controls to enter the tube in "Island In The Sky" and in the left photo as it is today. These were not created as props but were original mainframe computer control panels which were simply modified to blink on and off.



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